Radio Advertising your business!

  • You can reach most people using radio as a medium. To be precise, around 77% of adults tune in to an advertising supported AM/FM station. The average listener, spends almost 2 hours (109) minutes per day listening to AM /FM radio. Source: Nielsen Report
  • You can reach people when they are driving to do shopping. Peak radio usage coincides with when people are driving to work, lunch time and leaving work. Listening is much lower between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM than during daytime hours. (Nielsen Report)
  • You can target your advertising very effectively. In the United States, there are over 11,000 commercial radio stations. While there are 50,000 Watt stations which reach large geographic areas. Many stations reach relatively focused geographic areas. By picking the right station, you won’t be reaching people that aren’t  potential customers. Furthermore, certain formats (talk, country, pop, easy listening) tend to reach specific demographics, enabling advertiser to target the types of customers that shop with them directly.

Conservative Talk Radio, Audience and advertising

Listeners of conservative talk radio in the United States of men were more likely to be listeners of conservative talk radio than women. Recent Arbitron polls have shown that the vast majority of conservative talk radio station listeners are 54 plus male with less than 10 percent of the listener base 35 to 54. It is also shown that conservative talk radio listeners participate (or call in) to the hosts to make comments. This specific knowledge of the audience assists advertisers in their goal to attract potential customers, and the stations found that listeners of conservative talk radio are more involved and responsive in AM radio. Talk radio programs allow for a more personal approach to their shows, which helped contribute to the rise of revenue and popularity of conservative talk radio stations.




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