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    Rene' Shanle- Hutzell

    As the General Manager of Bicoastal Media- Crescent City group, you'd think I'd give you some real cutting edge "words of wisdom" when it comes to marketing your business, right? It's not rocket science, but I'd like to share with you the very words a WISE business owner shared with me many years ago when my husband and I started our own small business: Running your business is like planning a party. It takes a lot of planning...the right date, location, party & prizes... You put time and effort into planning all the details of a party to make it a success. Then Saturday night're all dressed up...everything's in's 8:00pm ...and you throw open the door...and.... NO ONE IS THERE!


    You forgot the smallest piece of the planning...but the most important!


    No one comes to a party without an invitation!!!

    That's what MARKETING IS!

    The invitation to come to YOUR party!

    The invitation to come to YOUR business.

    When do you send that invite?


    After 35 years, I still don't have all the answers to the ever changing world of marketing. But I can tell you this, RADIO is still the most effective and affordable INVITATION to your PARTY!

    Call our marketing department today and we'll discuss YOUR business "invite" needs!

    (707) 464-9561  or email

    Mark Achziger

    Hi, I’m Mark Achziger and I would like to welcome you to radio, where I have resided since 1989.

    My passion for radio stems way back. I have been involved in music since I was a kid, played trumpet growing up and I come from a family of professional musicians. You could say music and radio is in my blood. When it comes to marketing, seeing a business grow, and building relationships with business owners is what I enjoy most about the job and I do look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you.

    Let me share with you how  RADIO GETS RESULTS!      (707) 464-9561



    Rob Reed

    Making MAGIC…

    As a business owner or manager, we know that your business or service depends on reaching customers with a message;  information about what you do, and your products.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “Magic Business Box” that would do that for you?

    Imagine the technology-  a device so clever that it could sit right beside your customers while they were working, reminding them that the goods and services they need, are available now, at your business.

    What if this Magic Box didn’t need wires, and it could travel all over, even right up to your front door?

    What if this innovation could sleep right next to your customers and wake them up in the morning…

    And,  WHAT IF,  while they were thinking about visiting your competition, you could remind them that your business does it- for less?

    It’s not magic.  It’s RADIO.  And your potential customers use it, every day.

    Everyone has a story, and that’s what we do.

    We tell YOUR story to our listeners. Lots of them, all day, every day.

    Hi, I’m Rob Reed, and I bring more than 25 years of radio experience to the Bicoastal Media family. My family and I returned to the beauty of Del Norte County, after living in different parts of the country for the past 25 years. I look forward to telling YOUR story to our listeners and INVITING them to do business, with you.    (707) 464-9561